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Lanyard Printing Singapore

Sep 28


With more security and checkpoints becoming an integral element of our lives the necessity to look to get proof of identity as well as access card is something nearly all of us are familiar with. If you're carrying a file or a cup coffee, it might be difficult to locate an empty hand to remove the key card out of your pockets. This is among the main reasons promotional Lanyard Printing Singapore are among the most sought-after promotional items that are available, and their demand continues to grow even in the times where traditional face-to-face gift-giving and promotional has decreased.

Lanyard Printing Singapore are highly visible promotional items which can be used in a practical use. If someone wears it around their neck, the lanyard is observed in the same way as badges or other forms of identification might be to ensure that employees or other people with a common connection can be identified and tracked. For many, the simple fact of carrying and wearing the lanyard is all that's needed to gain access to secure areas and verify the identity of the wearer.

The term "lanyard" is fascinating and is believed to originate from the French word "laniere", that refers to an untied looped chord that was typically used to hold a weapon with a blade, usually used by naval or cavalry forces like a sabre or cutlass. The laniere was a loop that would be swung around the wrist of the warrior to ensure that his grip on the sword wasn't just the primary contact point. When fighting was raging or when physically displaced to the point that his grip momentarily broken, rather than the sword dropping to the floor, leaving him vulnerable to attack this laniere allowed his private bladed weapons to recover so that he could defend himself before rejoining the battle. Similar to how bladed weapons diminished in modern warfare, and firearms of all kinds were more prevalent, a the lanyard or laniere was typically linked to a sidearm, or handgun, due to the same reasons as the original use.

Another intriguing use for the lanyard printing  that also stemmed from the military's original use is the use to a whistle that in some traditions of military was utilized to communicate or to get the attention of troops. Today, referees of football or other teams depend on a lanyard for their whistles, which they use in the same way as their counterparts in the military.

Custom Lanyard Singapore are manufactured from various materials based on budgets and the expected usage. Although many lanyard printing singapore consist of polyester,  a substance that has a wide appeal and is low-cost and long-lasting durability, lanyards can also be made of recycled cotton, cotton materials, and nylon. No matter the type of material that they are constructed in a commercial setting, the stress on the product is minimal and the majority of available items will last for many years of reliable use. If you pay attention to the many different fittings and clips that can be used to permit different equipment as well as accessories to be linked to a lanyard, there's absolutely no question that the low-cost and adaptable promotional solutions that have been in use throughout history will be able continue to be used in the near future.


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